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Customised Hike

Moha has an incredibly vast knowledge of the land which given him the ability to craft a truly unique experience.  These hikes are off the beaten path and of his own design. We wan’t to help you plan an adventure that suits your needs so you can fit in as much beauty into your life as possible.

Possible things do include in the hike

Hikes can be tailor made to suit the group/individual.
Depending on how far/what level hike you request we will determine a suitable location the meets your need.  Ocean or Oasis? Landscapes or Architecture?
Some of the experiences offered are:
Hiking to the peaks of Anti-Atlas mountains behind the Offshore Surf Camp, to experience sweeping skyline views of the coast
The famous and beautiful Paradise Valley Hike through a desert oasis
Dining and communing with local families through the various villages to get  closer look at the Amazigh way of life.
Let us know how you want to spend your time!

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