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A Bit About Us

Moha grew up with the co-founder of Offshore Surf, Mbarek, in the small town of Aourir, located a few kilometers south of Tamraght. The two first met in primary school, sharing early childhood memories of learning to swim together, fishing in the Oued Sous River, and exploring the nearby mountains. Still close friends to this day, they are now living their long-standing dream of being able to share the Amazigh way of life with travelers from all around the world. When Mbarek partnered with his wife, Charlotte, their surfing and yoga expertise went hand in hand with Moha’s knowledge of the land so the three teamed up! Mbarek started teaching surfers how to properly navigate the coast, Charlotte complimented surf lessons with yoga classes, and Moha focused on spreading local knowledge, traditions, and stories with interactive hiking tours.

As Morocco’s coast continues to draw in new faces from all corners of the globe, Onshore Hiking allows tourists to understand the true magic in this land through the eyes of a local. Moha’s knowledge about native plants, animals, and spiritual sights has been passed down through generations. His passion for the Amazigh culture radiates through his eagerness to share an inside perspective on North African history. Not only does Moha know all sorts of useful tips about what can be used for medicine, or where to find prehistoric fossils, but he is also close friends with many local families that can offer their own input on what the region means to them (courtesy of Moha’s multilingual translation abilities). If you’re interested in having a truly novel experience, Onshore Hiking offers a one-of-a-kind adventure full of heart-warming stories, traditional knowledge that can’t be found on the internet, and the opportunity to become immersed in both culture and history.  

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